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In a year filled with milestones in her life, Miss D decided to treat herself with a boudoir session, and the results are phenomenal! 

Her story may sound very familiar to a lot of us. 2020 was a rough year, and 2021 didn’t fare much better. Feeling down and unhappy at some point is something we can all relate to. But when it’s compounded by losing loved ones and big milestone birthdays, it can really leave you feeling a little unsteady about life and what Iies ahead.

I was feeling down and just not happy overall. I started experiencing life-changing events and the loss of loved ones in 2018 that just seemed never to end. I’m also celebrating two milestones this year, my 50th birthday and my  30th anniversary. I wanted to do the session for my husband and for me as a little something.

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Getting out of a comfort zone can sometimes help us shake off those fears. Trying something new is a way to break that shell of anxiousness and overwhelm. I’m so happy that Dawn decided to do a boudoir session!

I felt excited and a little anxious. I overthought everything and was worried about how I would look in my pictures and in my outfits. I was initially intimidated by the overall process and coming to a photography studio for boudoir photos. In my mind, the experience was overwhelming; however, after arriving at Shayna’s Studio, I immediately felt comforted by the relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Overthinking everything is so common before a session, especially when it’s your first! We are so harsh on ourselves and our bodies, aren’t we? That’s what I love about boudoir photography; you are transported away from negativity about yourself for those few hours. In our studio, you feel beautiful, sexy, and like the best version of the beauty you are.

When was the last time you got really pampered? With all of the things we are juggling as women, we often leave ourselves last. That’s why we make sure you are taken good care of from the second you walk in the door.

I liked getting to experience the art of photography, lighting, posing angles, etc. was very interesting. Also, posing and holding poses is not quite as easy as one would think!

I like to joke that holding those poses is a bit of a workout! This session will be fun, and I’ll lead you through every single pose. You don’t have to know how to do a thing, and I’ll use the most flattering poses and lighting tailored to your body type. 

I was excited and felt exhilarating; however, I was also a little anxious with anticipation of coming back the next day to view my pictures. It turned out to be my favorite part, coming in for the review in sitting in front of the big screen watching the presentation with soft background music.Seeing the pictures reminded me that even though I’m getting older, I still look pretty darn good for my age.

Watching people view the photos at the studio is one of my favorite parts, too! Seeing the photos for the first time can be overwhelming and emotional, and part of my job is helping you choose the right photos for the space you want to display them.

All sessions include a consultation and styling, hair and makeup done right here in the comfort of the studio, a whole client wardrobe to choose from, and your guided review of the photos. All you have to do is make the first leap…get in touch. Let’s make your next milestone the best one ever!

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