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Miss M came to us feeling like a new woman and ready to embrace her new self with a boudoir session for her upcoming anniversary… but admitted to us that this session was just as much for herself as it was for him as a gift. After recently losing a major amount of weight, it was clear talking to her before the session; this was so much more than celebrating her weight loss. It was about letting herself be proud of what she had done.

Baltimore Maryland Boudoir Photography

“Losing weight is a huge accomplishment and isn’t easy to achieve, so documenting it with sexy portraits was the icing on the cake. Doing the shoot was a complete self-esteem booster, and it made me so proud of myself.

If you’re searching for someone to do a boudoir session for you, the experience really matters. It matters from the first point of contact, through the session, and right up to the point where you see your photos. If you don’t feel fully supported at any point, you need to look for another photographer! I consider this a critical part of my job… being there to help you understand exactly what the process is from start to finish.

“It was amazing from start to finish! I loved all the emails I received with all the tips and information leading up to the shoot. Then, the day of was just AMAZING!”

Despite her recent weight loss, Miss M was still nervous about the session; this was her first boudoir session! We all carry around so much baggage about ourselves, women especially. But we were able to make her feel confident and sexy in front of the camera through posing, lighting, and wardrobe styling.

“I was feeling nervous, anxious, and very excited!!! Shayna is so lovely and sweet! She is very kind, and she put me right at ease. Her guidance and attention to detail definitely made the experience exceptional!”

During the session, Miss M radiated confidence and empowerment as she embraced her newly transformed body. She could see herself in a new light, leaving the shoot feeling even more beautiful.

“My biggest fear is that I wouldn’t like the images of myself because I’m so critical and very hard on myself. But I loved my photos!!!”

One of the benefits of working with a professional boudoir photographer is that I know how to pose you in order to accentuate your best features. Whether you’re worried about your arms, your stomach, or any other part of your body, I will pose you in a way that makes you look and feel amazing.

“I loved how Shayna guided me on how to position my body from my fingertips down to my toes, so my photos would come out beautiful.”

Losing weight is a difficult journey, but it’s so worth it when you reach your goal. And what better way to celebrate than by treating yourself to a boudoir photo shoot? Boudoir photography is perfect for showing off your new body and feeling sexy and confident.

“Thank you for everything, Shayna :)”

Thank you, Miss M, for putting your trust in me and the process! You should be very proud of your work mentally, emotionally, and physically.

If you have a milestone you want to celebrate but feel too nervous, why not get in touch and tell me about it? There’s no obligation, just you and I discussing what a boudoir session would look like for you. Get in touch, and let’s chat.

Documenting a Major Accomplishment: Miss M’s Baltimore Boudoir Session