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Rachel’s boudoir session was a stepping stone along her path of connecting with her beauty and growing confidence. At my boudoir studio, I promote body positivity for all women. It is vital that no matter size, shape, age or confidence level, all women are to be seen and celebrated. When Rachel revealed more of her story to me, I was honored to share a small portion in helping her see her beauty.

With her permission, I wanted to share Rachel’s story to encourage others that no matter your body image views, self love is possible. I’m not saying that doing a boudoir session is a “cure all” for gaining confidence, but for Rachel it was a step in the right direction. A step that helped her see her beauty and grow her confidence in her body image.

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What first made you want to do a boudoir session?

“My sister had a session done and it looked fun and intriguing. After I saw some photos on facebook, I thought I would try it! I signed up for it on a whim.”

After photographing many women over the years, I know there is most likely always a story behind even the seemingly innocent reason why . It wasn’t until after Rachel saw her full gallery of portraits, she told me more of her story. I’m honored to hold the space for her story and thankful she is brave to share it with you.

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Did you have any hesitations?

“I was nervous at first and thought I am not good at posing. I don’t think I am very photogenic so I didn’t think the photos would turn out.”

What insecurities did you have?

“Like most girls, I have body image insecurities. I’ve always felt too skinny and many people tell me that often and make jokes about my body. They would say, ‘You need to eat a burger’ or ‘You disappear when you turn sideways.’

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I feel like men want women with more curves. I’ve never felt like I had curves and I’m insecure about my body. One of the reasons I was excited to do a boudoir session because I wanted to see what I would look like and every woman wants to feel sexy and pretty.

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Growing up I didn’t have a great childhood. I don’t have a good relationship with my dad and we had a lot of family issues. I never felt good enough. This led into bad dating relationships and even abusive relationships. Especially, verbal, mental and emotional abusive relationships. A lot of my self esteem plays into my body image and how I feel about myself. In fact, I rarely remember even liking myself. I had a really poor self worth for a while. This led to an extreme lack of self-confidence for a long time. “

What was response before, during and then after session?

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“I was a little unsure before my session. I was unsure of how I looked. After seeing the first few photos on the back of the camera I exclaimed, “Is that really me?!?” I couldn’t believe that was actually me! It gave me a lot more positivity throughout the session.

Throughout the session when I saw some of the photos, I thought, “WOW! I really can look good in photos and I can pose for photos.”

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After the session, “I was in awe of the photos. I couldn’t believe how well they turned out. I knew they would but it was just so much more “WOW”. I can’t believe I actually look that way. I felt really pretty, beautiful and confident.” It is a rarity for me to feel that way because I still struggle with my confidence. The photos helped me feel sexy and what every girl wants to feel like.

I felt like I got what I wanted out of the session. It was really hard to narrow down and pick which photos I wanted to keep because there are so many that are so good. “

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What would you say to other women considering doing a session?

“Definitely do it! It is totally worth it and be confident in yourself. The session is a lot of fun and enjoy the time during the session. Simply, just enjoy the time.”

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Rachel’s boudoir session story