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There are some times in a woman’s life that need to be celebrated. However, in my years as a photographer of many, many women, I’ve learned that that celebration looks different for everyone.

For some, it’s that “big birthday.” For others, it’s to help find themselves after a life change, like after the kids have grown and gone, or a parting of the ways with a significant other.  

A milestone body change is also a big reason to celebrate, and Mrs. A came in to give herself and her new husband a gift by doing a boudoir session.

“I was feeling super excited before my shoot. I have lost a lot of weight since I moved to Baltimore. I finally felt confident about my body, and my husband loves the way I look. I was super excited to feel empowered.”

Maryland boudoir photographer

Isn’t that amazing? I LOVE to hear women talk about feeling empowered. I love that she boldly put it out there that she felt confident and excited about her session! There was no way she was not going to rock this session with that confidence and that attitude.

Despite never having done a boudoir session, Mrs. A gave herself over completely the minute she walked in the door and let us work our magic. Hair, makeup, outfits..we led her through every part of the session, and we had lots of laughs, too.

“It was such a confidence booster for me doing this shoot. I know I don’t have a “perfect” body, but seeing myself in those outfits made me finally appreciate my body.”

Baltimore boudoir

YES!  Appreciation is what this is all about! While we know Mr. A will love these photos; the number one goal is that you love the photos too. You know what they say about loving yourself first, right?

“I was so happy and excited after I left the studio. I felt beautiful after having my hair and makeup done, and I felt super excited to see how the pictures were going to turn out.”

The reveal of the photos is the payoff for all that hard work. Not only for the work Mrs. A put into getting healthier, but also for putting herself out there, putting herself first, and being willing to shine.

“My favorite part was getting to see how the pictures turned out after the session. They were absolutely incredible. It took everything in my power to not give all the details to my husband. I would not change a thing about my experience. It was perfect from start to finish!”

Confession: the reveal is one of our favorite parts too! Seeing the looks on our client’s faces when they see themselves as we do is so rewarding. This is why we do what we do; it truly is our “why.”

Are you approaching a milestone in your life? Maybe it’s just passed, and you’re seeking some way to mark this time in your life. We know that boudoir is the perfect way to celebrate, heal, and find a new appreciation for your body.  Let us show you how!

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