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Miss C has been working hard on her fitness goals and feeling positive about her health and her body, so I was thrilled when she scheduled a boudoir session. It was her first one, and like almost everyone, she was a bit nervous.

I was pretty uncertain of my ability to get through it mentally, but I knew I was in the best hands possible with Shayna and her team. I used one of my prepayment bonuses to do a fitting the week before the shoot, and that’s when I finally knew it was going to be an absolute blast. 

The prepayment bonus is an excellent idea if you’re feeling nervous and want a chance for a bit of a “dress rehearsal” for your session. When you prepay your session, you can come in and spend some time in the client closet trying on outfits and talking through what you like and don’t like. Miss C even brought items from her own closet, which is a great idea because then I can see what your style is like.

It turned out that being able to try on the clothes before the session made Miss C feel more confident and turned out to be one of her favorite parts of the session!

Posing in all the pretty clothes that I normally wouldn’t be wearing for photos was my favorite! Physically having the strength to hold poses in stilettos will really boost a girl’s self-confidence!! 

Booking a session as a goal is what got Miss C into the studio, but it turned out to be so much more for her. That’s the gift that boudoir gives over and over and one of the reasons I absolutely love being a Baltimore Boudoir photographer. 

 It’s difficult to describe what a fulfilling experience this was. I started out booking the session to have a pin in the calendar as a goal. I used that goal to push through my weekly training sessions even when I didn’t feel like doing them! Getting to and through the session showed me the power of my goals and my determination. 

I love that she set her goals and went for it! Sometimes that little extra push is what we need to motivate ourselves. As women, we spend lots of time rewarding our kids and our significant others, but we often forget to reward ourselves. We push ourselves because we feel like we “should be better,” forgetting that we are worthy of nice things!

In some cases, women feel worried about not looking how they want to in the photos. This is so totally normal!

My soft spot is when I don’t look great in photos. It really didn’t come true at all. Between the outfits, lighting, Shayna’s mastery, and touch-ups, every single photo that we purchased is beautiful to me. It astonished me how the photos could be so gorgeous but still totally look like me! They were just beyond expectation. 

Magical things can be done with clothing, posing, and lighting. It really is all in how we make you feel from the time you come in the door through your reveal session. And while we do touch-ups, they are minimal…many people are surprised to find this out. We bring out the natural beauty that is inside you!

The gorgeous photos, which were intended as a gift for my husband, ended up becoming a symbol of how much I can accomplish when I decide to make something happen and will always remind me of that! Just a big thank you. The photos, which were intended to be for my husband, ended up being every bit as much meaningful to me.

If you are on the fence about a session, I hope you read Miss C’s words and take them to heart. While many women purchase a session with one goal in mind, the ultimate goal of these photos is to bring you back to yourself and show you that you are amazing. That you are enough, and that you are beautiful as Miss C discovered:
Loved every minute. Next time I won’t spend so much time upfront worrying. 

Are you thinking about a boudoir session? I’d love to talk to you about the gift that boudoir can give you! Get in touch with the studio, and let’s get your session planned!

An Unexpected Gift: Miss C’s Boudoir Session