Let's Get Started:

You know they say you never forget your first time! We loved having vibrant and beautiful Miss N in for her very first boudoir session recently.

Miss N admitted to being a little nervous, and that’s totally normal for the first session. We bet it won’t be her last because she rocked this one!

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to do a boudoir session, but Miss N’s reason of “wanting to get out of her comfort zone” is one of our favorites. We have learned over the years that you can never judge where someone is at when it comes to sharing parts of themselves.

You can be a bold and outgoing person, or someone more reserved and laid back,  and still feel like you want to explore unknown parts of yourself…which is exactly what boudoir does.

Miss N said:

It definitely increased my confidence. I have always been overweight and self-conscious, but not after the photoshoot. 

Baltimore boudoir photgraphy curvy plus size mirror photos Washington DC

Yes, girl!  I mean, look at these photos of this beautiful lady! She’s a walking piece of art, from her gorgeous hair to the beautiful tattoos and amazing eyes. Sometimes getting out of your head and seeing what others see can be healing.

Here’s another common fear that Miss N told us about:

My biggest fear was that I wasn’t going to like/love any of the pictures, but I ended up liking/loving a lot of them! 

Baltimore boudoir photography tattoos curvy plus size Washington DC

When you come in for your photo reveal, you’re going to be blown away at how you look. From hair and makeup to posing and lighting, every step we take is designed to show you a whole new side of yourself. It’s an experience that, genuinely, every woman needs.

Every woman deserves to have beautiful photos of themselves that make them feel like Miss N felt when she left the studio:

“I was happy, energetic, and felt confident! I don’t think I could pick one thing that was my favorite part of the session; I loved the whole thing.”

Baltimore Maryland boudoir photography tattoos purple hair curvy plus size hide tummy Washington DC

So, what are you waiting for? We’re here for you to help you have a fantastic boudoir session. Nervous? We get it. You are not alone! If you’re just wanting to explore the idea of having a boudoir session, then contact the studio and ask us any questions. No pressure, no obligation.

We want to help outside your comfort zone and do this!  We’re here to help you with everything, and you’re going to love the results.

Miss N’s First Baltimore Boudoir Session