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Often, there is so much hustle and bustle around planning a wedding; we can sometimes lose sight of ourselves. We’re focused on selecting the right florals to compliment the season or our weddings colors, or the right cake flavors, and of course that perfect dress, yet somehow we worry about if everyone will have a great time or how we will look on the day.

Here’s what Miss L had to say about her session:

“I wanted to gift this to my future husband on the night before our wedding! It was also a great confidence booster and made me feel so much sexier!”

Bridal Boudoir Photography

A boudoir session is a fantastic way to truly see yourself in a new light, right before one of the biggest days of your life. It’s also an awesome way to create a memorable gift for your future spouse.  It sets a tone of sexy anticipation for them and allows you a truly unique opportunity to explore some posing ideas, or even give your wedding hair and make-up a pre-wedding rehearsal. Feeling part of the process really contributes to the final outcome, and can help you feel more confident when it comes to posing for your bridal portraits. 

“It was very helpful for Shayna to pose my body down to my fingertips, toes, and facial expression to help optimize my photos. I enjoyed getting initial previews on the back of the camera so I can really see what I was looking like while posing. It was definitely a bit of a workout, but totally worth it! I also felt really confident and very sexy!”

Boudoir Posing Ideas

A  bridal boudoir session is an awesome way to pamper yourself during planning which can be a stressful time, but it’s also an inspiring way to learn to see yourself differently.  Every day we walk past a mirror, but it’s not often that we truly see our own beauty. A boudoir session reflects to you what the world sees and can help settle any pre-wedding jitters which mean that on your wedding day you can relax a little and truly enjoy your wedding portraits.

“When I’m at home in some of these outfits, my fiancé would tell me I look sexy, but I never really felt it or saw how I could look in his eyes, now I do!”

Baltimore Boudoir Photography

Perhaps the best part of a pre-wedding boudoir session isn’t leaving with empowering confidence; it’s a feeling that follows you for months and years to come. You can slip into the outfits you chose for your boudoir session and you’ll instantly remember exactly how beautiful you felt when you wore them in the studio.

 On top of that, you and your spouse can have a sexy little reminder in the form of an album of your favorite boudoir portraits, and suddenly what is the perfect night-before grooms’ gift evolves into a dose of self-love and appreciation which is an amazing gift for anyone!

 After seeing my photos during our review session I was almost overwhelmed with seeing myself so beautiful, powerful, and sexy in so many photos and settings. It was and is, so empowering.”

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