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What have you done for you?

Who didn’t love Janet Jackson in the 80s and her iconic songs about taming those bad boys? However, as the years have gone by, we have learned that we don’t have to rely on anyone for anything.

WE can decide how we treat ourselves; we can do things which make us feel special and beautiful: we don’t need anyone else to do it for us, and no “bad boy” taming is necessary. Ms M booked her Boudoir session with us because she knew exactly what she needed to do for herself:

“I’ve been through a lot this year, and I just wanted to remind myself that I am beautiful, strong, and amazing.”

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A boudoir session is a great way to give yourself that immediate boost to your confidence; however, it has long term value as you can reflect on your portraits for years to come as a constant reminder of just how amazing you are. 

During your consultation, we will take the time to get to know. We want to know what you want from your boudoir session, the kind of vibe you want it to have, and the style and outfits would feel most comfortable. As in Ms M’s case, we can often move from something sexy like an oversized sweater paired with a cute bra and panties to a silky robe.

We love the look of a comfortable sweater pulled down just so while your curls tumble down; it’s casual and real damn sexy. Our professional hair and make-up team are there to pamper you and help you feel relaxed in a safe environment. 

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Of course, their whole goal is to make sure you are boudoir-bombtastic the second you step in front of the camera. Our team helped Ms M go from feeling “…Incredibly vulnerable and self-conscious” before arriving for her session, to “..Empowered” by the time she strutted back out the studio doors.

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“I’ve always struggled with body image issues.” Ms M shared, “This shoot (and seeing the pictures afterward) gave me my confidence back.” 

This is everything. As Baltimore’s premier boudoir studio, we love the idea of women leaving our doors brimming with confidence. Every BODY truly is a masterpiece, and the ability to showcase the curves and shapes of bold, brave women is something we are totally passionate about.

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We are always creating new scenes or new poses and lighting techniques to ensure a luxe experience with inspired portraits. I especially love the sexy simplicity of the black and white portraits of Miriam in a cute bra & panty set; it’s just her, the curve of her body slightly silhouetted in the soft light: absolutely gorgeous.

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“The attention to detail, and the lack of judgment,” Ms M explained, “Being able to be a free beautiful woman strutting in a bra and panty set was my favorite part of the session.”

YES, Queen!!!

A boudoir session is permission to own your space and shine. 

So, the next question is WHEN will do this for YOU? We’ve got hair and make-up and a whole afternoon for you of ready and waiting!

Feel free to call or text me at 443-686-9569 or connect with me HERE! I can’t wait to chat.

It’s your time to be seen. 

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What Have You Done for YOU, Lately?| Baltimore Boudoir Photography