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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Boudoir Experience and How To Prepare

Congrats! You have booked your boudoir session at our Baltimore studio but you may be wondering how to prepare. Don’t worry, you are in good company, everyone is a little (or a lot) nervous before their boudoir session. There can be a lot of emotions prior your photo shoot. We’ve got you. We are here to help guide you through the experience. Below are some guidelines and suggestions to consider that will help ease your mind as you prepare for this amazing experience.

Make sure your all set to go for hair and make-up.

My baltimore boudoir studio works with several awesome professional hair and make up artists. Our main hair & makeup artists are from #NoFilter Glam owned by Lindsay Shields. See below for more information on their work. They will give you the look you desire for your boudoir shoot. We work with some awesome artists to make your experience with us the best possible. Below are a few tips to help make your preparation for your Baltimore boudoir session go smoothly.

Arrive with a cleansed, exfoliated, moisturized, bare face and clean, completely dry hair.

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Groom your brows & facial hair.

Please have your brows groomed–either tweezed, waxed or threaded 2-5 days beforehand (depending on how sensitive your skin is). Manicured brows will make a big difference in how your eyes and face will look. Remove any other unwanted hair beforehand, too. It makes a difference for how the makeup will lay on the face and blend into the skin.

Exfoliate your face and lips.

Exfoliating your face and lips will help the makeup lay nicely the day of your session. We suggest the night before you gently exfoliate your skin with a product you know and trust. Don’t use a new product in case your skin reacts adversely. You can do this with just a washcloth and cleanser, or you can use a gentle scrub. Be gentle on your skin. Use a sugar-and-oil scrub or even your toothbrush on your lips to get rid of dead, chapped, flakey skin on your lips.

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The key to glow = moisture and hydration

The key to glowing skin is moisture. Hopefully you’re doing this every morning and every night. If not, don’t worry but do moisturize the night before AND morning of your shoot. Drinking plenty of water days before and the day of your session helps hydrate the skin. Moisturized, hydrated skin helps fills out line and makes it smoother.

Prepare your hair

  • It is important to arrive to your boudoir session with clean, DRY hair from the morning or night before at the latest.
  • To assure no marks or dents, please wear hair down.
  • If you can add in mousse, gel or any texturizing product to damp hair after washing but before it is dried.
  • Do NOT come with straight-ironed hair unless you want a straight hairstyle; If you want soft waves or curls, the previously straightened hair will make it more difficult to achieve.

It is a workout (in a good way), be prepared.

I will guide into poses that you normally don’t do. I tell my clients that it is like a mix of yoga and pilates. Trust me, it may feel uncomfortable and a bit awkward, but I promise it will look amazing! Drink plenty of water afterwards to keep your muscles hydrated.

Select clothes to suit your body and style.

Finding the right clothes that fit your style and personality can be challenging. I get that! I know you want everything to be perfect for your session and that can be stressful. Bring something you know you already love. Choose things that accentuate what you love about your body.

Remember it doesn’t have to be all lingerie, it can be a mix of that favorite leather jacket, a fun dress you don’t get to wear often. Whatever makes you feel amazing is perfect!

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Be sure to bring a bra & panty set.

Bringing a classic bra and panty set can be a great look to go with all your other outfits. Bring something you love and maybe don’t get to wear often. With this I can focus on the curves of your body and show off your personality.

Bring meaningful items

Do you have anything you or your partner loves? Lingerie they bought you? Play an instrument? A jacket or jewelry that is meaningful to you. Bring it. We maybe able to incorporate in way that is classy and will make your custom photo session even more meaningful to you.

Don’t forget the shoes & accessories.

With the busyness of packing don’t forget your heels, and your jewelry. You can bring hair pieces and I also have a few pieces at the studio you can borrow.

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Avoid lines, don’t wear a bra when you arrive.

If you want to do any photos that are nude, semi-nude or the illusion of being nude its best to arrive without a bra. Bras can leave lines on your skin.

If you are uncomfortable with something, please let us know ahead of time

This session is all about you. You will get a questionnaire to complete and during our Design Consultation we will discuss all that you love about yourself. We will highlight all that you love about your body. If there is something you don’t prefer to show we won’t, simple. If you feel insecure about your feet, then we’ll make sure those aren’t showing, for example. If you tell us that your significant other loves your thighs, then we will showcase those in some of your photos.

Now you are prepared for your Baltimore Boudoir Session!

Are you ready to feel and look fabulous?

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Check out our Hair & Makeup Artist here: NoFilter Glam

Preparing For Your Baltimore Boudoir Session