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One of the most rewarding parts of my job is when people share with me how the boudoir session changed them. Of course, I love making beautiful photos for people, but the reason that boudoir photography has resonated so much with me more so than any other kind of photography is because it really does make you see yourself differently.

This is especially important as we age. Are you with me on this?! We have so many different stages of our lives, and often we “reinvent” ourselves. That can be a good thing, but it can also be a little disconcerting when we don’t recognize ourselves anymore.

That’s why I loved that Miss C shared this about her recent session:

 As much as I love my family and friends, I feel like I don’t know what makes me “me” anymore.  I LOVE spending time with my grandchildren and my beautiful daughters, and I feel proud to get to take care of my mom but intend to use all those things as excuses for why I’m not taking good care of me. Many years ago when i was feeling the same working several jobs I went skydiving. Sometimes it’s fun to do something you never thought you could do.

Fears about the session are so normal, but it hits everyone differently. Sometimes people are a little reluctant to share with me why they are fearful, but I encourage them to try if they can because there are honestly so many ways I can help you from telling you exactly what to expect to tailoring a payment plan for you.

My biggest fear was that I would find something wrong with every picture. Instead of using this time to work on me as I hoped, I have gained even more weight since booking the session. How could I possibly look as beautiful as all the others. Turns out I loved them and the way I felt that day, looking at them, and I suspect for a long time to come.

My other fear was money.  I don’t have a lot of money and I don’t always have nice things. I worried that I would feel entirely too guilty but you put me at ease with tailoring my plan to me. I can honestly say that the entire experience was worth the cost, the value is far more than an album of pictures

black and white boudoir photos

After your session we send out a survey because I really do value all the feedback we get from people. You always have the option to keep the survey private, just as you have the option with us sharing your photos for promotional use.

The boudoir experience is meant to be a pampering, personal and empowering experience. Everyone at the studio truly does love fussing over people! We are firm believers that every women needs more fussing over in their lives.

Christy talks more about how each part of this experience made her feel:

Oh gosh I loved all of it!!! That’s so hard. I LOVED having my hair and makeup done. I absolutely loved it. I ended up crying in the makeup chair for something silly, but Lindsay was so amazing I let it out, and that was a huge help. I ended up sharing with her a very personal story about a trauma that happened in my family.  I truly loved getting fussed over. 

I loved that you laid out my outfits so beautifully and shared them in the group as I had watched videos of others getting ready for their session. It made me feel amazing and start to relax.   

I loved how you planned out the shoot in order in a way that would make me feel confident and beautiful. 

I loved how you showed me some images on the back of the camera and helped out me at ease. I am extremely self conscious about so many things but you are incredible with your gentle style, encouraging words, and knew exactly how to pull the best out of me.

I understand that doing a boudoir session is a big leap for a lot of women, and I don’t take that faith you put in us lightly! By tuning in to what you need, makes you feel cared for and comfortable.

We make sure that you always feel safe and supported and that we are working within your comfort level. The trust we earn shows in the photos!

When I share, it is from the bottom of my heart. I don’t think at this moment I can pick the best part, I truly loved the entire experience. You are kind, empowering, accepting, uplifting and I’m mesmerized by your artistry.  I love taking photographs, but I am frustrated and clueless about lighting and other things, but you made it seem so seamless and easy. 
 I’m very grateful. Thank you for hosting such a great group online. I look forward to getting together once it is safer to do so and maybe meeting some of the other Be Seen ladies.

I’m very grateful for feedback like this! If you’re not already in my private Facebook group, Be Seen Ladies that Miss C references, please come join! It’s like having fun girlfriends at your fingertips.

Ready to find yourself again? Get in touch and let us help you find yourself and show you how amazing you are.

Finding Yourself Again Through Boudoir | Baltimore Boudoir Session