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“I want to give something special to my husband. It was something he will love, but I loved doing it for myself.”

A long time ago, there was this notion that a boudoir session was something you did for someone else, perhaps as a wedding night gift, or for an anniversary or special birthday, and often for our partner. However, most clients quickly learn that while your boudoir portraits make a pretty amazing gift for someone special, they are truly a much more important gift that you give to yourself.  

“The energy from Shayna! She constantly compliments you and cheers you on! She provided any help you need to make your pictures amazing (and let me tell you, they were!).”


I have always believed that we can be our biggest cheerleaders. Women who lift each other up with words of encouragement, or support, are the kind of people I want in my tribe! It’s one of the more awesome aspects of a boudoir session that we are placed into a moment in time where someone else gets to champion your beauty and capture it. I thrive on that interaction during your boudoir session, where we work together to create a comfortable, safe, and empowering place for you.

“I felt amazing. I felt confident and empowered. The true excitement of the morning continued throughout my day. I couldn’t wait to see my photos!”


A boudoir session is a shot to your self-confidence for sure. Not only that, but there is nothing more satisfying than watching a woman strut back out our studio doors at the end of her session. Head held just a little higher; shoulders set just that much prouder.

It’s an awesome experience to share with someone made even better when a client gets their finished boudoir portraits, and that boost turns into a long-term reminder when they can look at that canvas hanging in their bedroom every day, getting that reminder of just how gorgeous you are.

“I don’t normally like how I look in pictures, and while I am comfortable with my body, I don’t think it is “sexy.” Leaving the shoot, I felt so much different. I got to see some of my photos after she took them, and I was in awe of how amazing they turned out!”


Sam’s boudoir session is also a great example of being anonymously sexy. Sometimes we want to step out of our comfort zone, but we might be afraid of putting too much of who we are into the frame. These portraits are a discreetly sexy reminder that curves and curls and lace playing peak-a-boo are absolutely enough to tell your sassy, sexy story.


You don’t have to put your whole self in the frame to be sultry, to feel gorgeous and empowered. You have total control over the aesthetic when you select your wardrobe pieces, and I can work with you on posing that helps you feel safe and comfortable but during the session and with your finished boudoir portraits.

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