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Most boudoir sessions take place in our spacious studio. With several sets, props, and a fabulous wardrobe to choose from, we have something for everyone; however, I was really excited to find out during our pre-shoot chat that Alyssa had some new ideas. We discussed her vision, potential outfit changes, and even what time of day would offer us the best lighting to work with.

“ I  felt very confident and prepared for my shoot due to all the prepping and guidance from Shayna and her Boudoir guides!”

I always look forward to our pre-shoot chat! This is a great way to find out your hopes and desires for booking a boudoir session. In Alyssa’s case, this gave us an excellent opportunity to discuss her dream of doing her Baltimore boudoir session set in a gorgeous sunflower field.

We started with a cute and casual ‘girl-next-door’ look, which gave Alyssa a chance to relax. Using the flannel as a prop, we create some great portraits even Grandma would love! Her choice of solid prints went well with the different textures around us, and the colors complemented her skin tone and the natural backdrop.

“Personalized location! Sunflowers are my absolute favorite, and my session was above and beyond by adding a specific location at a sunflower field.”

One of the coolest aspects of a boudoir session is that it truly is about your body. Your curves, your curls, and even your artwork all play a role in posing and creating stunning boudoir portraits. Alyssa had some amazing ink and set against her white set and the long, lush green grass, that tattoo became a sexy focal point.

Shortly after, the sun was setting, and Alyssa was surrounded in a stunning warm glow. Her curves peeking out from the white flowers and tall grass gave the session a bit of a voyeur vibe. Shooting outside was a fun challenge! 

“My self-esteem skyrocketed! After having two kids at a  young age, sometimes I forget to do things for myself or on my own and sometimes struggle with my “mom image. This was pampering and uplifting to my body image and self-esteem.”

These are NOT your moms’ Glamour Shots session. Modern boudoir is all about authenticity. Embracing the body, you have right now and showing it off with sass and class. There is nothing that says “mom” about Alyssa’s boudoir session. Our professional team had a great time preparing her for the day, accentuating her best qualities. It’s incredible to know that Alyssa felt as amazing as she looked.

“My boudoir session was everything I imagined! My photos looked great!”

I was super thrilled with how Alyssa’s boudoir session turned out. I loved the opportunity to explore a new Baltimore boudoir location, incorporating nature and the sunset with this stunning woman. Alyssa’s boudoir session offers new ideas and new inspiration for women looking for a one-of-a-kind boudoir session, and we can’t wait to do it again!

Sexy Sunflowers in a Unique Baltimore Boudoir Session