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Perhaps one of the best things about being young is a lack of fear. We run straight into danger (even if just imaginary) with our sticks as swords and our heads held high. We aren’t yet worried about what society thinks of us or our bodies. We’re running barefoot through front yards, laughing and moving our bodies with unabashed pride. Getting older often means that we start to second guess ourselves; we start to doubt ourselves.

“I was very nervous and feared I made the wrong decision, but Shayna made that go away pretty quickly.”

Booking a Baltimore Boudoir session can be a big step for some clients. Stepping out of their norm, embracing adventure, and perhaps even dancing with their sassy, sexy side in a way that they never have before can be a bit daunting. For some, this feeling is present right up until their session begins, and they start to relax into the process and enjoy themselves.

“ So fun with the hair and make-up and seeing the outfits with what background colors she had chosen.”

Baltimore Boudoir Photography

The excitement absolutely begins with the professional hair and make-up. Who doesn’t love to spend an afternoon getting totally pampered? Boudoir is an afternoon of bombshell dress-up where we create stunning boudoir portraiture using color tones and backdrops that make you shine.

 You probably haven’t gotten to indulge in a day that is designed just for you in a while. Where every facet of the process is to bring out the best in your curves, your smile, and your body, it’s a liberating experience for many, and at the very least, it’s a whole lot of fun!

“[I was afraid that] I would look ‘fat’ and be very unhappy with the photos. It did not.  Instead, the poses and the energy in the studio made it all a fun/exciting experience. And I didn’t look fat! LOL”

I love the energy in our studio. We are professionals who work hard to create a comfortable, safe space where creativity flourishes and beauty is captured. However, the secret of an amazing boudoir session is that the energy in the studio doesn’t come from the hair and make-up team or even the lens of the camera; it comes from you. 

When women come face to face with their stunning beauty, they feel empowered. It’s the self-confidence that fills the studio, replacing nerves and inhibitions, and that becomes an incredibly sexy, sensual energy which fuels the session.

“The best part was the entire photoshoot.”

Maryland Boudoir Photographer

This is exactly how we want every client to feel when they leave our studio doors: that the whole boudoir experience was the best part. Every aspect, from the initial consultation, through preparations with hair and make-up and experimenting with backdrop and posing, it’s all part of the biggest piece, which is giving you a space you fill with your self-confidence and beauty.

 It might surprise how quickly you take up that space, but you will, and the even better part is that you take that empowerment with you when you leave the studio, and you have a fantastic collection of boudoir portraits to remind you of it every day after.

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