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Loving ourselves shouldn’t be a radical notion. It shouldn’t be something we have to work, especially when it’s something we are literally born to do. Our mothers have wanted better for us since the day we were born, and while society has done its best to inform us otherwise, there’s a simple recipe for rediscovering that kind of self-love we deserve, and Miss A is here to share it. 

“I did my shoot to push myself out of my comfort zone.”

Baltimore Boudoir photography invites you to step out of your comfort zone

The first part is doing exactly this: stepping out of your comfort zone. Society has taken women and wrapped them up, and shelved them for centuries. We’re conditioned to think this or that is ‘too sexy’ for our family, faith, or social values. 

Or, maybe because we think we have to get to a certain pant size or shape before we are allowed to be sexy: and none of that is true; it’s just sadly comfortable. Resigning ourselves to less than can be easier than pushing ourselves to be more than, to be sexy, and embrace those inhibitions, busting out of our comfort zone with a boudoir session. 

“I was afraid I would be too self-conscious or stiff, and it would show in the pictures. It was actually the opposite. I felt 100% comfortable and confident.”

Shayna Hardy Photography builds trust with clients to makes them feel comfortable and confident

Second, once you’ve stepped into a place where adventure, I’m here to guide you through looking your absolute best. I love hearing that the trust I build with my clients during their session translates to feeling comfortable and confident. It’s that confidence that lights up the frame, and confidence are incredibly sexy. 

One thing that sometimes holds women back from doing boudoir is the idea that they already need to believe they are sexy or know how to be sexy, and neither is necessarily true. 

“My favorite part was the posing, it was fun, and Shayna always made me feel confident.”

Various poses from Baltimore Boudoir photography session

Boudoir is all about fun! Not only is viewing the results fun, but the process of your boudoir session should also be fabulous. Miss A embraced a new challenge, and in the end, something she was initially apprehensive about, turned into something she enjoyed, and just imagine how all those new poses will improve her selfie game? 

“It helped me realize that I am beautiful regardless of my weight, body shape, and scale number.  I am more than all of those things, and I deserve to love myself as I am.”

Shayna Hardy Photography boudoir

Isn’t that the absolute truth?  Don’t we all deserve to love ourselves just as we are, right here, right now: today. Not only that, but we deserve to love our whole selves. Our curves, and our scars, and whatever we (most likely mistakenly) believe our flaws to be. 

A Baltimore Boudoir photography session by Shayna Hardy can do for you exactly what it did for Miss A: show you how to love yourself as you deserve to be. Sometimes we lose sight of our own beauty in the hustle and chaos of day-to-day life or the deluge of social media. A boudoir session gives you a whole new lens to see yourself and truly observe your own beauty. 

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Baltimore Boudoir photography

Boudoir: The Love Potion You Deserve |Baltimore Boudoir Photography