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Sometimes the most challenging part of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new is just taking the first step. Booking your boudoir session, for some, can be just the start of curious excitement. 

“Not sure how I felt before…..I am not usually comfortable around people without clothes on. Lol”

This seems a bit obvious; however, it’s also very common. Our society doesn’t foster many opportunities to shed our clothes without sandy beaches and waves coming in. In our pre-session chat we can talk about your vision, how comfortable you are, or are not, with being nude, and brainstorm ideas and outfits that will have you feeling at ease. Whatever your comfort zone, we’ve got you!

Baltimore Boudoir

“Being pampered with hair and makeup [and] the personal touch of being shown each pose before each picture.  I felt very comfortable.”

We got you, mama! As women, we understand the importance of clear communication and creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where you look your best simply because you feel your best. However, as professionals, we are crazy about details! From getting your hair and makeup perfect to the way your toes curl and the placement of your hands, we work with you to create posing that looks stunning frame by frame.  There is one ‘fear’ we hear the most; however, it’s *also* the one thing proven to be wrong every single session:

“That the photos would not look good due to my size.  But they turned out great.”

Baltimore Boudoir

One of the great things about boudoir is that it has no size. Boudoir is the celebration of all bodies, the very core of body positivity, because the truth is that every single body is gorgeous. Julie’s session shows how sexy body suits are, and even a simple white bed sheet is sassy perfection. 

Like many clients, she didn’t comfortable baring all; instead, she was a knock-out of lace and curves. A bold Baltimore Boudoir session with pops or color adding some fun to the sultry finished product, I think they turned out fabulous! When you leave the studio, we want you feeling one word especially, just like Julie did:


Baltimore Boudoir

It seems like there is so little that truly empowers us these days. As working women, moms, and even newly minted online-teachers, our planners are full of things to do, and often we seem to forget the importance of self-care and finding a way to buoy our confidence during the hustle of daily life. 

Boudoir is more than just an afternoon of pampering and feeling good about yourself; it’s a shot to your veins of embracing adventure, being bold, and feeling empowered. This boosted self-confidence is something clients take with them into their daily life. 

Baltimore Boudoir

Of course, even better is that you can choose to create a lovely album of your finished boudoir portraits or have a nice canvas made for your bedroom, which will serve as a constant reminder of that self-confidence.  When you’re ready to meet those inhibitions and fears with defiance, we’re ready to capture that bodacious boudoir booty in true Shayna Hardy style!

If you are curious about a session for yourself, let’s connect HERE!

Bodacious Body Suit & Boudoir with Miss J | Bold Baltimore Photography