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We have lots of return clients that do boudoir sessions with us, and we’re always so glad to see them again! After having had a boudoir session and loving it, you might think that being nervous the second (or third!) time around doesn’t happen.

However, that’s not always how life works. Every time a client comes in, they’ve changed in some way. Of course, getting older is part of it, but other outside factors play into how we feel. These changes in our life can affect how we feel about our bodies. 

When Miss B decided to do a Sunflower Boudoir Session outdoors, she had the same feelings:

I was really excited for the sunflower session and a little less nervous than the first session. I was slightly uncomfortable in my skin just because my body has changed a lot over the past year+. I felt great and proud of myself for doing this session. 

Boudoir Session in a Sunflower Field

We all have good and bad days. There’s no denying that life can be tough at times, but it is important to treat ourselves with respect throughout our journey–regardless of how difficult things may seem!

I was basically just afraid to show my body this time around. I have been so uncomfortable with my body lately. So the thought of putting on lingerie made me cringe. Afterward, I realized I was being silly. Shayna made me feel super comfortable and confident with my outfits and posing. 

We all try so hard to love ourselves like we know we should, but sometimes doubt creeps in anyway. But Beth pushed through, and even though she probably didn’t know it, she was trusting herself as much as she trusted me. 

I wanted to treat myself to some “me time.” I enjoy doing the photoshoots and love having the memories in the form of an album and wall portraits. I loved being outside during my session. It just felt very natural, if that makes sense. 

Feeling natural is the name of the game and exactly what we want you to feel, no matter if you are in our studio or braving the great outdoors! Every boudoir session is different, and each session is designed to meet you where you are right now in life and to show you parts of yourself that you didn’t think were possible.

I was super nervous about showing that much of my body, more so this time around. After I saw the pictures from the session, I was so pleased with how they turned out. It made me realize that most of the insecurities I have about my body are all in my head. I felt beautiful and confident after leaving my session.

Yes! It’s a real testament to how we can get in our own “heads,” isn’t it? We’ve all had an experience where everything changed once we stepped back and saw it through a different lens. I see that happen in boudoir all the time, and I’d love to help you see it too. 

Thank you for making this experience so enjoyable and memorable. I had a great time, and I truly am in love with my pictures. 

Are you ready to empower yourself? I’d love to talk to you about a sunflower boudoir session that will truly change how you look at yourself and your body.  For a Baltimore boudoir confidence boost, start here!

Miss B’s Empowering Sunflower Boudoir Session