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Do you know what the number one fear is for most women when it comes to boudoir sessions?  That they won’t look how they imagine. Even when they look at the hundreds of images on my site and on social media, they convince themselves that those women are different because they don’t have (insert your insecurity of choice here).

It’s just human nature.  We have such a hard time seeing ourselves clearly, yet we see others through a much more forgiving lens. This is why I love boudoir photography because I have the opportunity to show women every day how amazing they are.

When Mrs. A. came in for her very first boudoir session, she said she needed a “Self-love refresh,” which is such a great way to describe what boudoir sessions do.

I needed the confidence boost and self-love refresh. I have been feeling bogged down with graduate school and my job as a nurse and needed the chance to feel gorgeous again.”

I’m so proud of Mrs. A for recognizing that in herself and deciding to book a boudoir session. 

Boudoir photograph

I always say it; sometimes, half of the challenge is getting yourself here. Making the call to book your session can be the hardest step! Once you get here? We’ve got you from hair and make-up to wardrobe. 

 “I didn’t end up having as many outfits as I wanted and was nervous about that l. Shayna totally helped me out by letting me use outfits from her studio closet, which looked and felt amazing. It was such a relief- she definitely set me up for success!”

Does this sound familiar to you? 

“I typically put everyone first before myself, both with my job and at home. Signing up for this shoot not only gave me something to look forward to but also gave me a chance to remember how beautiful I am.”

I bet it sounds very familiar to some of you. Putting yourself last is a common issue for women that leads to insecurity and burnout. It’s especially hard when you have kids at home because you literally suspend 18+ years of your life to raise them.

But just like the old saying goes, we have to put the oxygen mask on ourselves before we can help others.

“I have struggled with depression/anxiety over the last two years since I transitioned out of the military. I could feel the difference in my day-to-day mood and self-view.”

Transitions are a really common time to start doubting ourselves and our worth. If you’re going through one, just know it’s a time to be gentle with yourself. It’s a time to try and do whatever you can to take care of yourself. I see firsthand how much it means to women just to have their hair and makeup done when they feel insecure!

Getting glammed up with the hair and makeup was my favorite part. Shayna did such an amazing job telling me how she wanted me to pose. When I saw myself in the mirror in my first outfit, I just kept thinking, “Wow, that’s me.” It was such a great feeling, and I had forgotten what it was like to feel that pretty.”

Yes, that’s really YOU! It’s so wonderful to see that moment when a woman sees herself as the people who love her do. Strong, empowered, beautiful. 
“I felt so gorgeous and confident. My husband and I ended up going for an early dinner when I got home- couldn’t let my hair and makeup go to waste at home haha!”

Can I get an Amen on that?!  Yes, after your session, have a fabulous date night with your partner, your best friend, or make new friends!  Take that sassy studio feeling out on the town and celebrate YOU.

Contact me today to book your boudoir session if you’re ready for a little self-love refresh. I can’t wait to help you look and feel amazing. To book your customized Baltimore boudoir session, start here!

Feeling Gorgeous and Confident Again Through Boudoir