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While everyone’s journey through this life is different, certain threads among the fabric of life seem to bind together women’s collective experience; that’s why I often find the feedback from our Baltimore Boudoir clients so valuable. Not only do I get to view the experience through their eyes and their words, but sometimes I feel like I even learn something about myself. 

“In the day-to-day, our identities often get rolled into what we do, and sometimes that can be exhausting. I don’t think I generally have the energy to feel pretty when I am busy filling all the roles I have to fill.”

Baltimore Boudoir

It feels so easy to get caught up in our ‘lists.’ Whether it’s chores around the house, running errands, doing the shopping, cooking dinner, running meetings, returning work emails, managing our homes, or all the people who live in our home, we often forget to add ourselves to the list of ‘things to do.’ Sometimes it can make all the difference to take a few minutes to braid our hair, throw on a little make-up, or do something special that is just for us.

Baltimore Boudoir

“When I am being the caretaker I don’t necessarily feel pretty or sexy. I know I am beautiful inside, but knowing that and feeling that is not the same.”

This. So much this. 

It can be so hard to remember that the world doesn’t see us the way we see ourselves. Our friends, our partners, they see our beauty. When you take the time to do a boudoir session, the camera captures that beauty. The boudoir portraiture we create serves as a permanent reminder, either on display on a gorgeous canvas or a nice, discreet album you keep in your drawer, that the world sees you for the powerful boss babe you are.

“When I am taking care of kids, and taking care of clients, and taking my injections to manage my illness, and cleaning up after the family and pets, I don’t necessarily feel pretty. Taking the time to get make-up done and dress up is not something I generally do.”

Baltimore Boudoir

Self-care is more than just a saying: it’s an important step for our physical and mental health. Our bodies aren’t just run down by life, and whatever ails us, but by the words we use against ourselves. Our team knows this, we feel this, and we relish any opportunity to pamper. Our hair and make-up team are here to perfect your look so that you feel comfortable and gorgeous. We have a fabulous wardrobe to help you relax and bring out your inner bombshell.  

“It felt good to carve that space for myself, and seeing the pictures was a fabulous reminder of how pretty and sexy I really am when I allow myself to be.”

Baltimore Boudoir

In all honesty, that is exactly what boudoir photography is about: permission. When you book your boudoir session, you’re permitting yourself to take an afternoon of self-care. You’re creating a space where your inhibitions are set free, and you can relax and embrace being the sexy, empowered, and confident woman you are. The best part is that a boudoir session isn’t just an investment in an afternoon; it’s an installment in self-confidence that will pay dividends for years to come!

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Permission To Be Sexy! | Baltimore Boudoir Reviews