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“My favorite part was the encouragement during the photo shoot. Every time I would get nervous, Shayna would say something to make me laugh or feel more comfortable in the session.”

Every boudoir session is truly unique because every single woman owns the boudoir space differently. The ability to connect, laugh, and encourage women to connect with their beauty and showcase it is at the core of the boudoir work that we do.

I learn so much based on what a woman chooses to wear, like this strappy siren-red piece of lingerie is daring as it is sensual. It naturally accentuated her curves, and the two of us moved easily through creating comfortable posing, which felt as sexy as it looked. There’s a kind of chemistry that ignites the studio, and that excitement often helps ease the nerves.

“I was worried I wouldn’t look good on camera, and that was far from the truth!”

By far, this is the most common concern clients have before coming in for their boudoir session. Whether it’s ridiculous social norms that falsely inform us that we are somehow not yet “enough,” or we’ve been through some tough times which have left their mark on our self-esteem, we sometimes put off doing things for ourselves, like a boudoir session. 

The reality is if you’re feeling that way, if life, or a past partner, or just time has left you feeling like you won’t “look good on camera”, the best cure for that is a boudoir session. An afternoon of pampering by our professional hair and make-up team sets the perfect stage for an amazing boudoir session and a confidence-boosting experience.

“I felt so much more empowered and so beautiful. I left smiling and feeling so confident in myself.”

This is absolutely my professional goal for every Baltimore Boudoir session we do: that the client struts out the studio door smiling and bold with confidence. Of course, we also love to produce amazing boudoir portraiture, but that’s one thing that separates boudoir work from other photography styles. 

Family or wedding portraits tell a story of love and connection and relationships between people, which is incredibly important. However, boudoir tells the story of you. That solo adventure and the results is an incredibly empowering experience.

“I didn’t have much self-confidence going in, and when I left, I just felt so beautiful. Even once I got my pictures, I was just so in awe I had to share them with others.”

The next best thing about having a boudoir session is that kind of “scream-it-from-the-mountain-tops’”kind of empowerment and pride which women have once they get their collection of boudoir portraits. 

The truth is that every woman walking this earth has insecurities and inhibitions which hold them back or keep them from pursuing something that is just for them. Women lifting up other women is exactly what boudoir photography is all about, and I love hearing that the amazing boudoir portraits of a client are used to inspire others.

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Women Empowering Women Through Boudoir Portraits | Maryland Boudoir Sessions