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Ms. M scheduled her session as a gift for her husband to celebrate 35 years of marriage. So I was thrilled to celebrate with her and help her to make this meaningful gift. I often find that when a lady arranges a boudoir session as a gift, she comes away seeing it as a gift to herself as well. As a photographer, I enjoy helping my clients to feel relaxed and confident because I firmly believe that every woman deserves to be seen. Ms. M came to the studio uncertain, but ready to enjoy her session.

“I was very anxious and excited at the same time for my photoshoot. I was a little unsure of how I was going to look in the photos due to my weight, but, I wanted to remind myself that I still have it!”

Part of the experience of hiring a professional boudoir photographer is having an expert who can help you pose from your head all the way to your toes. I find that as I share the poses that we will do throughout the session, it puts my clients more at ease. I like to show the poses rather than just tell my clients how to pose, so my clients can see the exact look that we are trying to achieve. And as we talk, and laugh and continue the shoot, my clients are able to get more comfortable in their bodies. And a woman who is comfortable in her body can try different types of outfits and poses that they might not normally try.

“I love that Shayna makes you feel at ease and calms you down as the photo session moves on. I wish I had done this when I was younger and thinner but the photos turned out beautiful and just shows how even at my age and at my weight I still can look sexy, sassy and beautiful. I have taken care of everyone in my family and not so much myself. This was for me just as much as for my husband as a gift for our 35th anniversary.

Every woman deserves to feel sassy and beautiful! I never want my clients to get caught up in their age or their insecurities. I always tell my clients that we can make edits to help hide anything that makes them feel less confident, but with great posing, proper lighting and a trained photographer’s eye, my clients are often surprised with how little they want to edit, and how amazing they look in their photos!

I feel more confident of my body. I feel like I stepped out of my comfort zone way more than I would. I haven’t had lingerie in years so buying items for the shoot was daunting but I was able to get a good amount that really worked and looks great on the photos. Definitely upped my confidence. After my photoshoot, I felt exhilarated. And I was very excited to see the photos. I had a terrible time trying to pick the ones for my package. So many were very good. I loved them!

That is the goal of every session, that each client will feel great and empowered by their experience. That each client who comes in looking to make a gift for their partner will be encouraged to stretch and step outside of their comfort zone, and love the results!

“And because of Shayna making me feel comfortable I was amazed how many photos I loved! I hard a hard time picking through.”

Are you thinking about a boudoir session? I’d love to talk to you about stepping out of your comfort zone and giving yourself an incredible gift! Get in touch with the studio, and let’s get your session planned!

Ms M gets real about stepping out of her comfort zone – Featured Be Seen Lady