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In our lifetime, we will define ourselves in many different ways. Sometimes my story is that I’m a mom of two active boys, sometimes it’s a story of my close-knit friendships, and sometimes my story is of a boudoir photographer who helps women be seen.

These stories are narratives we assign ourselves, but they are also shaped by what people tell us our story is. Sometimes that’s a great thing; we all tend to underestimate our worth. But sometimes, the narrative is shaped by people who aren’t as caring as they can be.

Miss C’s reason for wanting to do a boudoir session was simple at first:

“To give myself confidence and get fun pictures done for my fiancé.”

I love when people tell me this because I know that after the session, they will realize that not only will the session be a gift for their partner, it will be a gift for them.

Like most ladies, Miss C was a bit nervous at first. I never like to diminish that feeling because it is real! Being nervous stepping out of your comfort zone is natural, normal and I’m very used to photographing women who feel this way.

“I was nervous; I have not been fully comfortable with the changes my body has gone through over the years. I wasn’t sure if I was going to look good.”

I’ve never done a formal poll, but I am here to tell you that I would bet 96% of the women I photograph feel this way. And can I confess? Been there myself! Getting older is incredible in so many ways, but there are days I walk by the mirror, and I think, “Wait, who is that?!!”.

That’s another reason why boudoir is great, it’s time to get yourself glammed up and feeling good, so when you see yourself, you can think, “I still got it.”

Being pampered with hair and makeup, choosing the outfits from the closet, and adding things that make it personal is a sure-fire way to make yourself look and feel good.

“My favorite part of the session was changing into different looks, adding personal items, and trying the fun and different poses.”

The sessions are meant to restore and renew your self-confidence, body worth, and self-image. While Miss C was coming in to give herself a confidence boost, she was also changing her story.

It made me realize that I was hiding the gorgeous, fun, and adventurous woman that I had been so many years ago. My ex told me I was a miserable person and always made me feel less than what I am. This shoot and my fiancé helped me remember who I am, and it’s fabulous”.

I tell you I wanted to jump on the couch when I read this!  YES, YES!! When people tell you a story about yourself that is not true, it’s still damaging. But Miss C decided that she didn’t like that story, that it wasn’t true, and then she began to write her own story.

“I felt fabulous, confident, sexy, proud.”

Fabulous, confident, sexy, and proud is a story for all time, don’t you think?

Contact me, and let’s write that beautiful story together with a boudoir session in my Baltimore studio!

Boudoir Allows You To Tell Your Story Your Way | Baltimore Boudoir Photography