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“As a bigger woman, it’s tough to feel sexy or beautiful on a day-to-day basis.  It’s definitely not something I hear very often, if at all.  Having these updated portraits and seeing my body this way is a huge confidence boost.  I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but if I can look at those photos and see beauty, someday someone else will too.”

Booking your Baltimore Boudoir session is almost the same as writing the first line in a book about you. Just you, unashamed, bold, brave, and beautiful you. It can be hard to see our own beauty, especially when we are busy with the day-to-day of life, and under the influence of social media and societal standards which just aren’t true or even realistic. 

The truth is that you are beautiful. Right now, today, and just as you are: you are stunning. A boudoir session is a great to capture the story of your beauty so that you have it as a reminder for any time you need it.

Baltimore Boudoir Mini-Sessions

“I have done two shoots before my mini session with Shayna. Shayna was super sweet.  Her sets were much more light and airy, and she was more hands-on with finalizing outfit choices as well as showing me specific poses. I loved the end result, and would love to work with Shayna again on a full shoot.”

Min-sessions are a great way to explore boudoir if you’re not sure you’re ready or feeling confident enough, to do a full session. However, I must warn you that you will probably love your results and end up doing more sessions in the future! 

However, a boudoir mini-session can also be used to tell your body’s story, so you could book a session before getting pregnant, then while you’re pregnant, and then after the baby is born. Boudoir tells the story of the beauty of your body, and everybody goes through amazing changes and experiences, and there is no end to how we can capture that.

“I really liked how Shayna used things like walls and curtains to create movement and depth.  It was fun to use those things in different ways.”

Baltimore Boudoir Mini-Sessions

A professional boudoir session should be fun and use light and other techniques to create amazing boudoir portraiture. It’s not all about your moms’ boas and fuzzy filters. We love bold lines, vibrant colors and sensual textures like silk and lace to create amazing boudoir portraits that make you feel as confident and gorgeous as you look.

“I was super happy with how my photos turned out.  A little bummed that I couldn’t afford a bigger package at the time, but happy all the same!”

This is a great way to get started! Doing a min-session can help you feel more comfortable with the concept of a boudoir session, helping you build the confidence you need to book a bull boudoir session, and that’s totally okay! We have a lot of clients who come back time and again for boudoir sessions because they love the way they feel empowered and beautiful afterward. There’s no such thing as doing ‘too many’ boudoir sessions, so if you want to start with a mini-session, you should totally go for it, after all, aren’t all the best stories told one chapter at a time?

If you are curious about a session for yourself, let’s connect HERE!

Boudoir: The Love Story of You | Baltimore Boudoir Mini-Sessions