Be Empowered! Ladies Self-Defense Class | Shayna Hardy Photography | Boudoir, Headshot & Family

Let's Get Started:

Its Ladies Night!

A different kind of ladies night… one that will empower you. Have you ever felt uneasy walking to your car?  Wished you knew some tips to protect yourself?

I certainly have.  Lets be honest, I’m not the tallest thing around, nor the strongest but I want to know I could handle myself  if someone tried something (God forbid).

I wanted to help provide a resource for ladies to feel like they had some tools if they were caught in a situation.  My personal trainer, coach and boxing expert will be leading a special self-defense class.  The class will focus on the fundamentals of self defense through the use of boxing techniques.

It wouldn’t be a ladies night without food and of course wine!!  Healthy apps and wine will be served.

PLUS… we will have a fab goodie bag filled to the brim for all ladies who attend!

As if you need another reason… all the proceeds from this night will benefit the Unboxed charity – a youth boxing club in East Baltimore. (check out video to see a little snippet)

This class is open to anyone new to Unboxed, it is small personal fitness gym with the most amazing coaches!  Take a peek at the video I created for them to get a better idea of their gym…

Visit Unboxed to learn more about them –>


Sign up for the Ladies Night Self Defense Class!!!  They can only hold a limited number of spaces so make sure you sign up for only $25!  All proceeds from this class benefit their non-profit – a boxing club for the youth in East Baltimore.