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Tweens!  The “in between” years!

They are still children, yet they are on the verge of young adulthood!

These years can be tough on young kids.  They are figuring out their unique talents and gifts, yet so want to fit in with their friends.

It can be tough to connect with them as they often busy with activities and starting to distance themselves from parents to test out new independence.  Independence is great! Finding their own way is wonderful!  Yet these years can also take a toll on confidence and self-worth.  I’ve seen it time and time again with families of tween kids.  One day their son or daughter is perky and confident, the next they are down in the dumps and confidence is waning from a friend who treated them badly.

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In many ways we forget these in between years.  Not because we do it intentionally, but life simply gets busy!  Our children are getting busier and starting to have their own life separate from parents. As a parent myself, I get it!  My oldest is entering the tween years and it is both scary and exciting at the same time.  I see him teetering on wanting mommy snuggles to acting cool around his friends.  It both breaks my heart and also fills it with admiration to see him grow into his own.

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This is the sentiment of where these Tween Confidence Sessions were born!  I wanted to create sessions simply to celebrate these budding and young teenagers.  Create a space for them to be themselves and celebrate what makes them unique.  Let’s celebrate… instead of forget!  Check out my launch offer below…

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Looking for some Tweens!

If you have or know of someone who has tweens (guys or girls) I would love to chat.  I am offering a handful of Tween Sessions complimentary!  The session fee is waived and you receive a complimentary desk print as a thank you – a $300 value!  You are welcome to purchase additional prints, albums or designer wall pieces, if you wish, but no purchase is necessary.  Must book by January 31st, 2018 to receive this offer or whenever the complimentary session slots fill up!

Let’s chat!  I look forward to meeting you, your tween and having a blast creating memories together!  Life is busy, but lets take a few moments to create images and an experience they will love!  Connect here or call me on the studio line at 443-686-9569!



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Tween Confidence Sessions!