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“A couple of Facebook friends recommended it for helping to accept your post-baby body.”

Women uplifting women is one-hundred percent what a boudoir session is about. It’s a testament to the power of boudoir and our work that Blythe came to booking her Shayna Hardy Boudoir Session through the suggestion of friends as a means of learning to see her bodacious body in a new light.

Baltimore boudoir session

“So nervous!!!! I don’t usually like how I look in photos to begin with, so I’ve never been comfortable in front of the camera, let alone know how to make my face or body look good. The nerves were so high!”

This is exactly the challenge that I crave as a photographer. Give me someone who is nervous, afraid of how their finished portraits will look, but also willing to be adventurous, and I relish in showing them just how easy a boudoir session is and how amazing they look.

“Getting hair and makeup done is always a treat since I’m terrible at both of those too. I looked SO GOOD!!! I haven’t looked that good since my wedding. Total initial confidence boost. Amazing.”

Our professional hair and make-up team excel at creating glamorous looks that don’t feel contrived but instead look like you. A bombshell version of you just waiting to be revealed on camera creates a bold vibe during your session, which translates to empowerment and self-esteem when we’re all done.

Baltimore boudoir

“I was worried that I’d look ridiculous in the photos trying to be sexy. NOT AT ALL!!! I LOOKED AMAZING!!!!! Holy cow!!!!!”

I hear this concern a lot. The overdone “duck lips” and other images that float around social media can look a bit forced, but that’s not what we do at Shayna Hardy Photography. Our approach to portrait creation and posing is relaxed, creating natural lines with your curves to give them pop and make you look amazing. Or, have you saying “Holy Cow!”!

Baltimore Boudoir

“I still might not be totally happy with my body, but for the first time, I actually felt sexy. It was amazing.”

Blythe’s flirty session shows that sexy can be done without baring all. The peak-a-book sweater and black lace bra are sultry perfection. Partners love, love, love your sassy booty pics in the jersey of their favorite team, which means you can even use some wardrobe items you already have on hand.

Baltimore boudoir

“I’d HIGHLY recommend this to everyone!!! Once I have photos to share, some of the less risqué ones will definitely go on my social media. Might as well brag on myself for a little bit :D”

Blythe’s confidence is as radiant as she is in her boudoir portraits. I love that she is willing to share them on her social media. As women, we often forgot to do things for ourselves; we get caught up in the day to day and hustle of life. 

Baltimore boudoir

Knowing that some of her friends will see her portraits on social media and likely be inspired to give themselves an afternoon of pampering and boudoir is the end goal if you pardon the pun. Get your booty in here for your own sexy jersey session!

If you are curious about a session for yourself, let’s connect HERE!

Lace, Heels, and a Packer Jersey | Blythe’s Cheeky Baltimore Boudoir