Boudoir Will Leave You Empowered & Exhilarated

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“Honestly all my life, I have never felt attractive or pretty other than a couple of times. This shoot definitely changed the way I view myself and my body. I am a powerful, sexy, gorgeous woman, and I am definitely more confident to go after the things I want in life.”

As a photographer, the idea of any woman seeing herself this way absolutely stuns me.

Every woman should feel beautiful: because we are. However, I also understand that the world, life, and even negative comments from past relationships can take a toll on our self-esteem. Ill-informed ideas about what beauty is invade our minds, and we lose sight of ourselves in the mirror. Meriam shares what might be the greatest tool a boudoir session gives you: a totally new and honestly gorgeous view of you.

“The posing. All though it felt odd, somehow it felt like it looked incredibly sexy. I was not disappointed with the results.”

Alright, this is a teeny bit of an industry secret, but the truth about working with a skilled, professional boudoir photographer is that I know exactly how to pose those curves, even if, as Meriam points out, it might feel awkward while you’re doing it.

 I use light and angles to create stunning boudoir portraiture, which clients love. Meriam has hit on exactly why the team at Shayna Hardy is one of the most sought after Baltimore Boudoir studios.

“Empowered and exhilarated. Also exhausted. It was definitely a workout!”

Yes! Exhilarated! What a truly incredible word to describe the emotions post your boudoir workout. For sure, it’s a workout, extending those long legs, or bending the arms just slightly and holding the pose just for a moment; it takes some great communication and teamwork between us.

 However, before clients even see their photos, they feel wonderful. They walk out of the studio already feeling more confident and empowered. For some, it’s just having overcome their fears and booking a boudoir session. For others, it’s knowing just how fabulous they felt and trusting that that translated to the camera.

“Thank you so much for doing this! I will never forget this experience. I hope anyone and everyone who has hesitations overcomes their fears and just does it. It is so worth it and will change how you view yourself!”

As we get older, it seems like there are fewer and fewer ‘unforgettable experiences.’ 

We are busy adulting, running errands, working, and meeting our friends and family’s needs. Meriam is exactly right when she says it’s worth overcoming your inhibitions and having boudoir portraits done. 

Not only is the experience worth it, especially the finished portraits, but you are worth it. You are worth an afternoon of pampering and empowerment that leaves you feeling as exhilarated and beautiful as Meriam! We are ready when you are! If you are curious about a session for yourself, lets connect HERE.


Boudoir Will Leave You Empowered & Exhilarated | Meriam’s Bombshell Baltimore Boudoir Session