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How would you like to have one of the most unique portrait experience’s of your life?  As an underwater portrait photographer, I can make that happen for you!

Maryland Underwater Pregnant Photographer

As a Maryland Underwater Maternity Photographer I can give you the most amazing portrait experience.  During this unique time in your life your body is changing almost daily.  You can feel the amazing life growing inside you.  In just a few short months, your baby will arrive and you will soon forget what it was like to carry around your little one in your belly.

Virginia Underwater Maternity Photos

Don’t let this time pass without honoring it and exploring the same feeling your baby is enjoying while swimming around inside you.  You will enjoy weightlessness, easy body movement and a relaxing session all while capturing beautiful maternity images to cherish for a lifetime.

Maryland Underwater Maternity Photographer

While Rachel and I chatted during our pre-session consultation I found out some of her favorite colors, interests and what types of images she wanted to create to surprise her husband with – oh la la.  Some of those images are not shown here, they were for his eyes only!  I found out that she loves jewel tones colors and Disney.  I then worked with a seamstress to create this one of a kind dress for her session – it is very princess like with her favorite teal and purple colors.

With all my sessions, I work to customize images based on a vision we work together to create.  Her husband loved her beautiful album and a very special image that resides in their bedroom for both of their viewing pleasure.  (just let your imagination run wild here)

Annapolis Underwater Maternity Photographer

Are you worried that you have a fall, winter or spring due date?  Worry no more, I have access to two indoor pools that we can use to create your images.  In fact, this beautiful underwater maternity session was in December!  It may be snowing outside, but it was nice and toasty in this heated pool.

Baltimore Underwater Pregnancy Photos

Enjoy your unique underwater maternity experience and connect with me to start designing your session today:  443-686-9569 or email me at shayna@shaynahardy.com  or click here to connect —> Connect to start your session experience. 

Hear Rachel’s first hand experience of her underwater maternity session, she shares some tips with women who are interesting in an underwater maternity session.  —> less than 2 minutes to hear her tips.

Love what you see and hear… connect with me today to start your underwater session experience.

See you under the water!