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We are so ready to embrace all things new this year! New ideas, new sets and wardrobes, and new clients coming in for their ever boudoir session: a boudie-newbie!

 “This was my first ever boudoir shoot.  I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect.”


There’s something extra exciting about doing your first boudoir session, and that can sometimes translate to extra nerves. We are totally used to this and work pretty hard to ensure our space is welcoming and relaxed to help you feel at ease. 

Even if you’ve done a boudoir session before, it’s normal to feel this way. Circumstances in your life might have changed, or your body may be different from how it was in an earlier session, so truly every session should be ‘new’.

We see many clients not long after they have emerged from a time in their life that is driving them towards some self-care and me time.

“I am going through a divorce and just wanted something to give me my confidence back.  The last year has been rough and this was just what I needed to get ‘me’ back.”


For most of us taking an afternoon to be pampered and focus solely on ourselves is something we rarely do. The first gift of a boudoir session is making space for yourself so our team of experts can help you create looks that make you feel incredible. 

A boudoir session is a shot of adrenaline right to your self-confidence, and a short path to empowerment, which is something you take with you at the end of the day.

“My biggest fear is that I would look awkward and the poses wouldn’t look natural.  I was SO wrong!!  They turned out amazing.”


This is absolutely where our expertise comes in. As seasoned professionals and one of Baltimore’s top boudoir photographers, we are connoisseurs in the posing department. We are skilled at placing all of your curves in just the right places, as well as helping you select a wardrobe that boosts your confidence and makes you look amazing.

 We loved the skirt of the soft pink set Laura chose, it was a playful contrast to the siren red bra and panty set, revealing both her nice and saucy sides!


Laura’s session is a great one to share. Aside from how amazing she looks, you might not notice, at first, that there are no actual nudes in her collection. She carefully chose several different looks, even including an off-the-shoulder bulky sweater for some sexy-texture; however, none of her portraits are fully nude. 

Laura is proof that your session reveals just how sexy and stunning you are without the need to bare it all if that’s not something you’re comfortable with.


“This shoot gave me back the confidence that I had lost.  I left feeling so confident in my own body and ready to take on the world!”

In the hustle of daily life, we rarely take the time to appreciate our bodies, and ourselves. We love, love, love that Laura is taking her renewed confidence into this new year! That’s exactly the kind of movement we want to lead and we’re at the ready when you are!

If you are curious about a session for yourself, let’s connect HERE!

New Year, New Boudoir Session = New Confidence! |Baltimore Boudoir Sessions