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When we’re younger, we have so many ‘firsts’: first steps, first birthdays, first days of school. As we get older, life hands more experiences, and the opportunity to celebrate a ‘first’ often becomes a thing of our past. Until now, that is. For Brooke, booking her first boudoir session was a reward to herself.  

“I wanted to celebrate reaching my weight loss goal, and this was a gift to myself,”

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Whether you want to commemorate a personal milestone or celebrate a special birthday or anniversary, making an investment in you by doing boudoir portraits is a fantastic first to have.

Of course, doing something new or embracing adventure can be daunting. We genuinely believe that your experience begins with your first consultation. This is an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other. We can discuss the different kinds of scenes, looks, props, or backdrops you think you would like and even go over any that don’t appeal to you. 

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It’s also a great time to answer any questions and help build the connection that makes coming in for your boudoir session for the first time easier. “I was a little nervous for my session, but having the pre-shoot meeting and all the information ahead of time really eased my worries,” Brooke shared.

For many clients, especially women, this is the first time in a very long time that they have taken the time to do something just for themselves. This especially seems true as we get older, and we think our chance to do something exciting for ourselves like a boudoir session has passed us by. The truth is: it absolutely has not! It’s all about when the time is right for you to treat yourself to a fabulous investment. 

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“I loved feeling beautiful in my skin and doing something for myself,” Brooke said, “It made me feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. It made my confidence and self-worth increase dramatically.

Doing something for the first time might also mean mixed feelings or anxiety about the session itself or the finished product. After our professional hair and make-up team has worked their magic, and we’ve wrapped our session, every single one of our clients has strutted right back out those studio doors, feeling empowered, looking gorgeous, and owning their space like never before.

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“[My biggest fear was] that I wouldn’t like the images, but I was completely wrong! We are our own worst critic and need to give ourselves grace and realize we are beautifully made,” Brooke explained.

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The first time you walk into our Baltimore boudoir studio doors will be an experience so unique, so amazing, and we promise you it will forever change the way you see yourself.

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We work hard to create a space where you can feel relaxed and truly enjoy your session.  Of course, all the better if we’ve made you feel like Brooke did: “Thank you for making me feel like a Queen! I had the best time!”.

We would LOVE to chat with you about making your Boudoir Session Experience with us extra special. Drop us a line to start the conversation!
Curious, connect with us HERE. Can’t wait to hear from you.

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A Gift To Yourself after a Goal or a First | Brooke’s Boudoir Session Celebration