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Now, you do not need a reason to book your boudoir session. At its core, it’s a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. It’s a wonderful way to get some self-care through a super fun hair and make-up session with our professional team, as well as the amazing boost to your confidence when you strut out our Baltimore studio doors.

However, sometimes there are events in your life which demand a celebration! As a photographer, any client who loves you enough to return is reason enough to party, but getting to work with Mrs N for her second boudoir session was to commemorate the triumph of her weight loss journey.

“Celebrate Success!!!”

Our first session was fabulous. Mrs N has the most amazing eyes and curves, and our first boudoir session turned out simply amazing. When she called to come back, she shared that it was to capture a new set of curves, having lost over 100lbs. There are a dozen reasons people pursue a weight loss journey, but regardless of the reason, it’s a lot of work and an incredible accomplishment to revel in.

“Completely confident and comfortable!”

body confidence

Whether you’re rockin’ a post-baby bod or wearing a new size, our goal is that you feel totally relaxed and at ease during your session. There’s a saying: you feel your best, you look your best! I find that to be true. Feeling comfortable as we move through the poses that highlight your curves helps create a natural smile and interaction with the camera.

One simple thing Mrs N did was choose colors that complimented her skin tone and made her eyes pop. The fire red bustier corset top and lace skirt set looked absolutely siren perfect, and her eyes jump out of the frame, all allure and simply sultry.

“Like a rockstar!”

When you radiate confidence, you already know that you look phenomenal before you even see your finished boudoir portraits. That kind of self-assurance translates right into the lens. Rockstar is a great way to describe the aesthetic Mrs N chose for her Baltimore boudoir session. Outfits of leather and lace, she was smoking hot in her black leather pants that hugged every inch and the white lace top. This outfit is a super fantastic example of a boudoir portrait dressed in an outfit you could go dancing in.

Great boudoir work can mean baring it all, but it can also mean using textures like bulky, off the shoulder sweaters, your favorite jeans that make your butt look good, or the soft peek-a-boo of lace to create sexy silhouettes.

Booking a boudoir session is all about you. Our pre-session chat will include discussing wardrobe options and what your vision is for your portraits. I love embracing new ideas and working with new outfits and especially with new clients! So when you’re ready to rock your favorite outfit, our professional hair and make-up team are at the ready, and we’ll make sure you leave feeling amazing!

If you are curious about a session for yourself, let’s connect HERE!

Body Positivity Celebration With Mrs N | Baltimore Boudoir Sessions