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Baltimore Family Photographer

It is a real thrill when I’m able to see little ones grow over a short amount of time. As a mom myself I know how precious these times are and I can still forget to cherish these moments too.

Baltimore Family Photographer_0046

I love that I was able to see little Cameron grow from a busy crawling boy to a running toddler in just a few short months.

Maryland Baby Photographer_0051

I first met Cameron and his parents in January during our Valentine’s mini sessions at aMuse Toys. As most little ones he was busy, busy… but we found quickly that he loved musical instruments and of course being in a toy store there were plenty.

Maryland Family Photographer_0047

We then captured him during his first birthday party where he was pulling himself up, but not yet quite ready to walk.

Baltimore Family Photos_0048

But he certainly was ready to eat cake!!

Towson Family Photographer_0049

Just last month we met up for a family photo session where Cameron was not only walking but running! Since my boys are a little bigger now I love being able to enjoy the little ones. It may be strange to hear if you are currently in the thick of it, but I miss the toddler years.

Baltimore Baby Photographer_0050

Cameron has his mom’s smile and his dad’s sweet spirit. He is a great combination of both of them all wrapped up in a little Irish bundle.

Towson Baby Photographer_0052

Their beloved dog who is a big part of their family also came along and was such a good sport. He loves his family!

Baltimore Family Photographer 1_0053

Cameron loves his daddy soooo much. Dad is a wonderful father and clearly enjoys Cameron and seeing how much he is growing each day.  They have so much fun together.

Maryland Family Photographer 1_0054

Towson Family Photographer 1_0055

Mom is the apple of Cameron’s eye. He wants to hold, squeeze and just love on his mom any chance he can get, except when he is playing “keep away” and wants to be chased.

Baltimore Baby Photographer 1

Baltimore Family Photos 1_0056

Thank you so much for the honor of capturing Cameron as he is growing up in his first year. I can’t wait to see all these in your family room soon, I know they will bring joy every time you see them.

Baltimore Baby Photographer 1_0058

Maybe next time we get together, Cameron will be talking up a storm too!

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