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Baltimore Boudoir Photographer – Frequently Asked Questions about a Portrait Session.

You have questions, that is normal.  You should have questions and I’m happy to answer all of them. The sessions at our Baltimore boudoir studio are designed for any and all women.  I want to make sure you have all the information you need.

Do you share my images online or in the studio?

Only if you agree to it. I take your privacy very seriously.  Nothing is shared unless you sign a Model Release and you don’t decide until after you have seen your gallery of images. I have 3 levels to my Model Release so you can choose what suits you best.

This session is about you, not me.  Of course I would always love to share your images as I want to encourage other women to see their beauty.  But, only if you agree to it!

What should I wear?

Anything or nothing.  Really!  It is most popular to wear lingerie.  But it is truly up to you.  I’ll help you design what to wear based on your goals, desires and what will look best on you.  You don’t have to wear all lingerie outfits, you can wear whatever makes you feel beautiful.

Wear a beautiful ballgown, a comfy sweater, your favorite lingerie or even your birthday suit – however you want to enjoy your session!

What is included with the session?

This is a whole experience built just for you so we include a lot to make sure you are well taken care of throughout your time.

First, we meet for your Design Consultation to discuss your desires, dreams and goals for your session. We will chat about styles, what to wear and the moods you want to portray in your images.

Second, its your boudoir session day!  Your hair and make-up artistry is included. YAY! During your session, you have up to 3 outfit changes but we can always add in more if you’d like.  We also provide snacks and drinks of your preference.

Next, you have a private ordering appointment to be able to view your images, select your favorites and make your choice on how to enjoy your boudoir portraits.

Finally, we install any wall portraits you selected.

Plus several emails, calls and printed information you receive along the way to assure you have all your questions answered.

Is there a good time of year or season to do a session?

Honestly, anytime is a great time!  Many will chose to do a session for a special occasion – birthday, anniversary, a milestone or holiday.  But many will do it “just because” and that is fabulous.  You should enjoy a self care session any time you want it.

It is best to plan ahead as it can take 4-8 weeks from the time of the session to the time you receive your album or images. Sessions at our boutique Baltimore boudoir studio are limited availability.

Do you alter my images?

It depends on what you want.  This is a session dedicated to embracing who you are and the vision that you want to portray in the images.

During your session, I will show you images from the back of my camera (especially at the beginning of the session) so you can see how amazing you are!

When I show you the images at your ordering appointment, they are only adjusted for exposure and color – no “photoshop” has been done to them. When you select all your favorites, I will complete my finishing touches on them before printing.  We will chat about what this includes for you to assure you love the final result.

What should I do with my images after I’ve selected all my favorites?

We will work together to help you select the best option that fits you. Most women select albums for their favorite boudoir images.  You get to customize to your heart’s content and make it your own.

Several also select wall portraits or unique gifts.  Wall portraits where you are the art are perfect for your bedroom, walk-in closet or mast bathroom.  Heck, why not just put in any room where you will love seeing them everyday!

We have popular boudoir collections filled with everyone’s favorites, but our boutique studio can customize anything to assure you are thrilled with everything you choose.


What about the digital images?

Yes!  The answer is yes.  Our most popular collection includes all your album’s digital images. You can also upgrade any collection to include your whole gallery of digital images.

PLUS we have an easy way for you to share your images with your favorite someone, their own digital album to sneak a peek whenever they want!

Is it normal to be nervous or scared before a session?

YES!! Everyone and I mean everyone is at least a little bit nervous before their session.  Having photographed many women over the years – EVERYONE feels a bit nervous, scared or awkward.

I promise that once we get going and I show you the back of the camera, you will relax and get in the groove.

“The photo session was fun and at times a shred awkward, but Shayna always seemed to know how to relax me and take over when I felt nervous.” – Jenn


How long does a session last & what do I do during a session?

In the first hour… once you arrive we will go through your wardrobe choices.  Then your hair and make-up artist will start on the look that you would like for the day.

Then for the next 2 hours or so (depending on how many outfits you select) we will create your beautiful boudoir portraits.  I don’t watch the clock, this is your day and we will take our time if you need it.

Then we wrap up and you head out – usually walking a little taller. 🙂

“Thank you for providing me the opportunity to feel beautiful, fierce and special.  It has inspired me to walk a bit taller these days.” – Bianca

What if I am awkward in front of a camera and I don’t know how to pose?

Guess what?  That is my job!  And I love it!

In fact, I kind of don’t want you to know how to pose yourself. I like being able to show you the ropes and pose you all the way down to your finger tips.

Are you ready to start your boudoir experience… connect with me!  I would love to chat with you.




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